JCI Tours travel agency

If you consider booking a flight and/or a hotel, arranging for a special event or a car rental and making an excellent deal, you would certainly understand that only a travel expert can deliver adequate solutions to meet your expectations. Then, look no further! JCI TOURS is definitely your travel expert! At JCI TOURS, we remain committed to assisting you from the early stages of your travel arrangements throughout their completion. Located in Gueliz Marrakech, our agency specializes in the tourism sector and combines the skills and spirit of its founder’s 26 years’ accumulated experience to serve and offer its customers a panoply of products (incentive, seminars, congress, events, incoming, circuits, excursions….). We consider ourselves to be your privileged partner and constantly strive to meet your travel and event planning requirements based on:

– Feedback from our customers, agents and suppliers

– Market benchmark

– The relationship we have developed with selected suppliers

– The availability of our team to anticipate you needs and handle last- minute demand

Our Services

Based on our extensive experience, we have been able to develop a professional set of skills required for the study, planning, counseling, budget estimation, and project assistance from the initial phase to completion. That’s why we remain committed to carry out any plan that you may choose to entrust us with. At JCI Tours, we take great pleasure in sharing with our partners and customers the secrets of the most charming destinations we have selected for them around the world. We provide adapted solutions to major travel market segments including individual travel, family holidays and business travel. In close partnerships with first class venues and specialized service providers: flights, car rentals, excursions, sightseeing…etc., we are confident that we can offer a wide variety of travelling and events options which range from relaxing to recreational, historic or religious to professional seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings and congresses.

Our references: Association of Endocrinologists of the South, The region, The House of the Elected, Moroccan Wrestling Federation, Racine School, Avicenne Military Hospital Marrakech, Youth and Sports Delegation Marrakech, ISCO, Le Crédit Agricole de France, Barid Al Maghrib, ESG, CACTUS, ESSEC, SMEDIAN, OCP, MERCK laboratory, ABBOT laboratory.