Trip plans from Marrakech

Explore the Magical Marrakech surroundings differently! JCI TOURS Travel agency places its expertise and know-how at your disposal in order to guarantee you a first-class experience in the most charming sites of Morocco. This magnificent country is renowned for the diversity of its landscapes, its rich culture and particularly the legendary hospitality of its people. [...]

Useful and Practical Travel tips for a successful trip

You’ve just booked a cheap flight and a hotel, or even better, you’ve just booked your Dream holidays with JCI TOURS? Now you need to pack your suitcase, the most difficult step for a traveller. What to take? How to pack your suitcase? Once you’ve laid out everything, what items to start with, folding or […]

Practical Guide to Prepare your Pilgrimage (Hajj and Umrah)

Hajj or Umrah are two huge favours granted by God once you accomplish your journey to the sacred Makkah and Madinah. In Mecca, you are the guest of Allah. What an honour and what a responsibility! Indeed, the pilgrimage, Hajj or Umrah, does not solely mean making the visit, but it is above all a […]

Our Selection of the Best Dream Holidays Destinations in January

You have travel plans for January but haven’t selected your destination yet? Learn about everything you need to know before you travel in  January. We have selected for you the best 10 destinations where the weather is auspicious to enjoy a pleasant stay. With temperature drops in Europe, cold rainy winters and less sunny days, […]

Guided Travel Versus Independent Travel. One Trip, Two Paths to Go!

You are a travel enthusiast? There are two ways to discover new rewarding destinations. If Travelling on your own is the option you like best, then, you will have to plan every stage, book every trip, every hotel booking etc.. Otherwise, let a dedicated travel agency take care of your overall travel plans: flights, accommodation, […]

Christmas in Marrakech, an Exciting Experience!

Dreaming of a wonderful Christmas but missing inspiration? Looking to celebrate a special Christmas this year? Marrakech is the right destination to live an awesome experience. One of the world’s most sought after dream destinations, Morocco is open to several cultures and offers endless possibilities. One of the top attractions of visitors in Morocco, Marrakech […]