You are a travel enthusiast? There are two ways to discover new rewarding destinations. If Travelling on your own is the option you like best, then, you will have to plan every stage, book every trip, every hotel booking etc.. Otherwise, let a dedicated travel agency take care of your overall travel plans: flights, accommodation, airport transfer, attraction sites, visits to monuments, etc.

Let’s explore the different paths that you can take when travelling and the benefits of each option.

    • If an organized trip is your travel option, then there is no need to worry about the smallest detail
    • An organized trip will allow you to travel, see the world and explore your dream destination while saving you the burden of travel planning and arrangements. All you need to do is fix an average budget, your departure and return dates, then let your travel planner recommend several options to design your tailor-made itinerary. Then, our professional team will be happy to take care of your bookings according to your budget, your desire and your travel goals.  By selecting this option, you can be sure to enjoy hassle-free travels, the comfort of being in a group and the feeling of full relaxation.
    • A guide to assist in exploring the destination in depth!
    • For the majority of travelers, it is very challenging to organize the different visits, identify the best tourist attraction sites and spend time looking for the best deals, especially if it is your first visit.  The organized trip can be ideal. Indeed, choosing an organized trip allows you to take advantage of the agency’s accumulated expertise in different destinations. Assisted by an expert, knowing the most important sites without being lost in a city that you are visiting for the first time, you will often benefit from reduced entry fees, find the right deals and avoid being cheated when purchasing local products. A highly knowledgeable guide will provide local practical information on the destination, its history and the culture of its people.
    • The advantage of reasonable prices and great deals
    • The cost of an organized tour is undeniably cheaper than any other travel option. In order to offer the best deals to its customers, the travel agency signs B2B agreements with a number of service providers namely hotels, restaurants, transportation companies, etc., so that you can benefit from attractive services at unbeatable prices. You are not only protected but assured, and that is very important.

Independent travel, more liberty yet more responsibility!

    • If you choose to travel independently to the destination of your choice, you will be in charge of your flights, hotels and transportation reservations. The main advantage of independent travel is that it allows you to enjoy more freedom as you are free to set your own dates, choose the places you want to visit, change itineraries at will, select your restaurants, hotels, etc.…
    • Independent travel is rather an adventure which allows you to discover the destination as well as the mentality and culture of its people.  You’ll get to know people on a different level. Travel friendships are quite special.
    • In terms of budget, independent travels are always more expensive than organized travels. However, you have the freedom to look for cheaper flights, cheaper hotels and remote from the city centre, affordable restaurants, etc.
    • It is very important to find out about everything beforehand. In order to successfully design your itinerary, you will need to pick the right travel guide book and make an internet search query before departure. You will collect information on where to stay, where to eat, places to visit, where to change currency etc.. Otherwise, it will be a bit difficult especially if you go on your first visit to a destination where everything is new to you: language, culture, standards etc..
    • It is clear that every travel option has its rewards and disadvantages, but concretely, the ideal travel will always depend on your desires and trip goals.
    • Even if independent travel allows you more autonomy and freedom, organized travel remains your ultimate option if you plan to discover a foreign country, for the first time and for a short holiday. You will have to bear less responsibility, while your travel advisor/organizer should remain alert and be able to solve any inconveniences you may come across throughout your journey so that you can enjoy the most relaxing and exciting travel experience.

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