Hajj or Umrah are two huge favours granted by God once you accomplish your journey to the sacred Makkah and Madinah.

In Mecca, you are the guest of Allah. What an honour and what a responsibility! Indeed, the pilgrimage, Hajj or Umrah, does not solely mean making the visit, but it is above all a spiritual journey of the heart, a journey of purity, change and progress.

The material aspect is important but the journey of the heart is the ultimate goal of this sacred visit. In order to succeed your visit, you will have to :

    • Purify your intention “make your Niyyah” as an essential prerequisite for the performance and understanding of the importance of the journey.
    • Read Qur’an, Sunnah, some relevant articles and listen to lectures to better understand the purpose behind your journey and the benefits that Allah grants you by making you a pilgrim.
    • Make sure you are aware of invocations, rites and history and learn them well.
    • In order to fully enjoy your pilgrimage (hajj and Umrah), you need to get pocket-sized books which contain supplications and rites from the Quran and Sunnah. It is recommended to start reciting the supplications before your departure. You can keep your books and notes throughout your journey while performing your Hajj or Umrah.
    • Be financially capable of undertaking the journey.
    • For a more comfortable travel experience, avoid taking too much luggage with you. Your journey will inevitably involve a great deal of travelling, which can be tiresome if you carry too much weight.
    • Put aside your everyday concerns.
    • Once you arrive on the sacred land, the most loved land of God, all your focus will have to be on the essential practices. For 2, 3 or 4 weeks, your goal is to accumulate the maximum of Hassanat and purify your soul. Every moment counts, you will have to make the most of your pilgrimage and leave aside your Dounya concerns.
    • Avoid wasting your time shopping
    • As with social media, avoid spending most of your free time shopping as much as possible. You can take souvenirs to your family, but this needs to be planned. Half a day is more than enough to make the necessary purchases.
    • Eat just enough to stay healthy and avoid ablution invalidation
    • During your journey you will have to spend long hours keeping your ablutions valid, the more you eat and the more difficult it will be for you. Try to favour healthy foods, and limit yourself to the minimum. The purpose of your journey is to feed your soul and heart first.
    • Maintain your state of mind
    • Nostalgia invades you, you have only one desire: to return and perform better.
    • Your spirit and your soul are now purified, maintain this purity and state of mind, and act to return a second time.
    • Be grateful
    • You’ve just made the trip of a lifetime; you may not have a second chance to be back. So, be thankful because Allah has chosen you to undertake this 5th Pillar of Islam.