You’ve just booked a cheap flight and a hotel, or even better, you’ve just booked your Dream holidays with JCI TOURS? Now you need to pack your suitcase, the most difficult step for a traveller. What to take? How to pack your suitcase? Once you’ve laid out everything, what items to start with, folding or rolling clothes… many questions and more tips to help you while preparing your trip with JCI TOURS.

  1. Choosing the right suitcase is really important before you set off on a trip. In addition to its design and material, airline size and weight limits are the two main criteria to take into consideration in choosing your suitcase. Favour a hard side four-wheeled suitcase because it’s easier to move and durable enough to stand up to some rough handling, especially if you have a lot of luggage. If you plan to take a low-cost flight, choose instead a canvas bag.
  2. Never over-stuff your suitcase. Check your destination weather forecast before you travel, and wear season-appropriate clothing. To save space, we recommend to pack your clothes according to the KonMari folding method. Consider taking the must-have and luggage essentials of a traveller: comfortable walking shoes, light jackets, and a scarf.
  3. Remember to take a toiletry kit and a travel medical kit. When changing the country, you also change the climate as well as the hygiene protocols. It is necessary to take a small medical kit with some useful medication. Avoid liquids in your toiletry kit, especially if you do not plan to take checked baggage.
  4. Leave some space for gifts. We often tend to take more items with us “just in case”. However, you should keep in mind your return trip, especially if you plan to shop or buy some gifts for your family or friends. It’s very important to plan ahead and discard any unnecessary items.
  5. When planning your trip, you’ll need to know the voltage and Sockets that are used in the destination you travel to. Hence, you need to take suitable adapters and chargers. If you plan a long journey, a power bank will be very useful.
  6. Keep important items in your purse, wallet or backpack. Money, credit cards, boarding pass, etc…Avoid opening your suitcase every so often to take out documents or garments.
  7. Remember to bring along a good book to cope with long-distance flights, layovers, and flight delays, very common during travels. Even with the extreme motivation and excitement to be travelling, particularly if you cannot sleep on an airplane, you will end up feeling bored. A good book will definitely be a very good travelling companion.

All you need to do is pack your luggage and set off on a discovery journey to one of the best holiday destinations. If you want to avoid the least travel stress and unforeseen trouble, Book JCI TOURS Full package from Flights and accommodation in the best hotels to comfortable luxury airport-hotel-airport transfers. JCI TOURS assists you step by step in designing an unrivalled experience perfectly adapted to your aspiration and budget.